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Current work-in-progress status of Project Phuks


Game Design

Business Law

In this categorie I define all core mechanics. For example the season-change mechanic, collecting energy, etc. 


Family Law

Defining the art-style is one of the main aestetic things the game will have. I’m not the best artist so I will focus on assets that are low-poly.  


Estates Law

For the coding part, there are many things to code but it gives also lots of tutorials in the world wide web. I focus on learning and coding myself. Takes time, but gives me the most outcome.


International Trade

The testing is one of the most important factors for this project. I plan to have the first demo till october and will try to test it on an local event publically. With all the feedback I will start to revue the whole process.

Prototype I

The next goal of this project is to have a first prototype ready till October 2017. I will present the game publically at the genial verpLANt - event in Brake (Unterweser), Germany.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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